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From the desk of the CEO, Dennis McMahon

Our focus for some time has been changing - how can we stay green, while solving the many problems we see in the lives of the millions of people around us?


  • Problems with poverty?
  • Problems with quality of life?
  • Problems with providing opportunities to the disenfranchised?
  • Problems with equal access to services like health, education and training?


We realised that the solutions to these community-wide problems can only come from the integration of 3 areas:

  1. Government policy settings (Government level)
  2. Behaviour change (People level)
  3. Systems and infrastructure that enable the changes (System level)

We feel we can have a direct impact in the last 2 areas (People and Systems) - and an indirect impact on the first (Government policy).

So we have focused our attention on the 3 "problem" areas we feel we can make a difference (and still make a profit, because a business without profit is a charity - and charity does nobody any good).

  1. HiQ - People mobility and opportunity

    Our HiQ Foreign Worker Support Systems are in development and will be launched soon.

    These ICT based systems will enable both employers and foreign workers to enjoy the true benefits of foreign work; the skillset and human resources for the employers, the safe working conditions and money to support the family at home for the workers.

    HiQ will be an end to end solution for both unskilled workers and skilled employees, supported by robust and secure IT systems and integrated mobile apps to make the foreign work experience safe and mutually convenient for both employers and workers.

  2. ASEAN CleanTech Network - solving city wide problems with City Leaders, from water to energy to waste to transportation and more - with ASEAN Cleantech solution providers

    See more detail here

    ASEAN Cleantech Network (ACN) will leverage off the huge cleantech solution provider base in ASEAN, and, by using smart systems integration, will enable city level solutions
  3. ASEAN CleanTech Network Logo

  4. FastBuild Prefab Housing - supporting Malaysian innovation to meet the need for Malaysian affordable homes - and to expand to other ASEAN countries to increase Malaysia's exports

    The IP for FastBuild will be in the IT systems we create, enabling smart sourcing and integration of IBS building materials and on-site assembly and supervision; this provides low-cost, architect designed, quality housing for the modern ASEAN family

    Our FastBuild Prefab System is in development and will be launched soon.

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